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June - A Late, Cool Spring and Unusual Weather

June 1, 2022


White Peonies

Peony Sip & Stroll

Our annual ticketed event, where we let guests stroll around the grounds of our cultivation fields, wine in hand, to enjoy a field full of peony plants in bloom!

This is our 2nd Sip & Stroll event, and we have partnered with Milk & Honey Charcuterie, to supply us with beautiful and delicious charcuterie boxes (gluten-free and vegetarian available on request) to enjoy with your wine. Cole St. Brewery in Enumclaw is once again ordering personal wine bottles.

Our fields will soon light up with 2000 plants of 75 varieties of peonies in bloom - a one time a year phenomenon. Only 3 dates to choose from - Don’t Miss Out!

I think we can all agree that this spring has provided us with unusual, dare I say, winter-like weather. If like us, you’re wondering when Spring, and consequently Summer will arrive, we’d love to know the answer to that. The predictions of this being an El Nino year seem to be true thus far, with both cooler and wetter days than we’ve had in the past few years at this time of year. This is a cyclical event, but these erratic weather changes and harsh conditions have made it tough to work outside, and predict when it’s ok to put tender plants outside, or when things like peonies will bloom. 

We have sadly experienced some blight on our lilacs and peonies this year, something we’ve not had to  deal with up to this point. While it’s not a doomsday ending to your plant, it does require some specific maintenance tactics. Pruning off infected parts of the plant, and disposing of the plant material in the garbage is your best course of action. Fungal spores or bacteria that are present on the plants parts can live on in your compost pile, and infect other parts of your garden. Sanitation of garden tools while you’re cutting is imperative, so you don’t spread the infection via a cutting wound from your snips. Make sure to clean up all plant debris under and around your plant so those spores don’t live on in the soil. Next year, early on, start treating infected plants with a Copper fungicide, following the application directions. While it’s a sad setback this season, your plant should be just fine long term if you follow a protocol that actively removes infection.

Now on to the fun part: The Peony Sip & Stroll. This year, we have selected only 3 dates,  Saturday’s: June 4th and June 11th and Sunday, June 12th. Our hope is that the maximum amount of plants will be at some stage of bloom for the field to be at its most beautiful. This is a ticket-required event, and tickets must be purchased in advance to attend. This allows our vendors the time needed to get supplies to us for the date of the event. Here is a link to our most

Frequently Asked Questions:

We have 3 events this year, our regular Sip & Stroll, which is both Saturday’s, from 10am-3pm and Sunday, June 12th, from 10am-3pm. You may stay in the gardens until 4pm, however, 3pm is the latest entry time allowed. Come into the Garden Shop to have your ticket scanned, and get your wine and charcuterie before you head out into the Gardens.

A new event, is our VIP Peony Sip & Stroll. This will be hosted only on Saturday, June 11th from 5pm - 8pm. You won’t believe how incredibly magical the fields are as the sky changes from day to night - it’s like a watercolor painting, and the peonies are just stunning in this golden light. This is a limited event, in that we are only selling 30 tickets total. Each guest will receive a special SWAG bag full of curated items, a larger charcuterie box and wine. Please let us know if you have gluten allergies or need a vegetarian box if you are attending the VIP event.

We hope you can make it to one of these events - this is truly a unique opportunity to have a front seat to one of the most spectacular shows on a blooming flower farm!

Popular Tulips for sale in Shop this Fall


We have ordered the most beautiful tulips to have available in the shop this Fall. Many ask us every year to carry these, and when is the best time to plant. The answer is yes, we do carry them: and they will be available in the fall!

The Garden Shop

Open Saturday,

June 4th


June 11th


Open Sunday,

June 12


The Garden Shop

The Garden Shop will be open for  both dates of our Peony Sip & Stroll. While the Sip & Stroll is a ticketed event, the Garden Shop is open to the general public as well, so you won’t need a ticket to pop into the shop and grab fresh flowers, garden supplies, gifts, plants, etc. Our peony bouquets sold out last year, fairly early, so plan accordingly!

Garden Tasks

  • Direct Sow Summer Annuals - when soil is warm.
  • Start Transplanting Tender Annuals - when soil is warm.
  • Plant Dahlia Tubers - after last frost. With our cooler, and wetter than usual spring season, it’s now June 1.
  • Start feeding roses, trees, shrubs, etc.
  • Weed around Peonies and other Perennials.
  • Enjoy your Bearded Iris - and plan which ones need to be divided.
  • Rose Care: Watch for Blight, and take appropriate measures
  • Prune out blight on lilacs, peonies, etc. (See above)
  • Feed Peony plants with Triple Super Phosphate.
  • Supplement lawns and bedding plants with Azomite
  • Pre-Order Tulips & other Fall Bulbs.
  • Stay on top of weeds. Spiny sow thistle, and both annual/perennial grasses are waking up

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Events

  • BOLD ITEMS are ON-SITE Events
  • Dahlia Sale Online - through June 1
  • Garden Shop Open: Saturday, June 4th 10am-4pm
  • Garden Shop Open: Saturday, June 11th
  • Plant Dahlias! Target planting date is June 1st
  • Peony Sip & Stroll - Saturday’s: June 4, June 11
  • Dinosaurs in the Garden: July
  • Farm to Table Dinner - AUGUST 20
  • Very Special Workshops planned for 2023!
  • Classes & Workshops will be announced via the website, with sign-ups there, along with Garden Shop hours.

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