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October - It’s officially Fall!

October 2022

Bulb Planting 101


October 22


$20-30 per person

No pets allowed Smoking of any kind is strictly prohibited on property.

October Musings

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” Lucy Maud Montgomery - Anne of Green Gables

October is one of our busiest months on the farm, and there are no breaks or slow periods here at Laughing Goat, especially with all the exciting garden plans we are implementing.

This October will be focused on our Arbor Pathway leading into our beautiful Wedding Garden (which will be suitable for all styles of events) and our Vista Mediterranean Garden. It’s a huge undertaking, that we have hired a general contractor to do the hardscape features, and help offset the tremendous work load of such a project. 

Also on the docket is our normal fall cleanup, digging, dividing and moving thousands of plants, planting bulbs, peony care (this year we are moving hundreds of peony roots to make way for a new Orchard!)

The list of garden tasks we provide each month are the same things we have on our to-do list, so we will be hard at work doing the weeding, planting, mulching, and winterizing of our gardens just like you! Phew!!!

Take time to enjoy all things pumpkin (or squash), cosy sweaters, return of soup season (yes!), falling leaves and the incredible beauty that October-November, and the onset of Fall brings. Watching the trees change color is a cyclical reminder to be in the moment, and enjoy the fleeting beauty that nature provides each season to mark the passing of time. 

If you Love Fall…

Consider planting the following trees/shrubs for the best and most beautiful fall show.

Hamamelis sp. - Witch hazel family. (Shrubs & Trees)

Gingko tree - Autumn Gold

Amelanchier x grandiflora - Serviceberry

Cercidiphyllum japonicus - Katsura tree (smell like cotton candy/sugar too!)

Japanese Maple - various

Quercus rubra - Red Oak

Populus tremuloides - Quaking Aspen

Rhus - Sumac

Cotinus - Smokebush

Red Osier Dogwood

Euonymus alatus - Burning bush

Abelia - Kaleidoscope

Rose - varieties that develop hips


Oakleaf Hydrangea


Callicarpa - Beautyberry

Farm to Table Dinner

Our Winter Farm to Table dinner is in the planning stages, and will likely happen very late November or early December, working into a busy holiday season, but also giving you a much needed break from the chaos of the holidays. Who doesn’t love a night off cooking and having to do the dishes?!?

We will send out an information email with all the details once we have settled on a date, and we can’t wait to share the menu: it’s going to be so delicious!

Bulb Planting 101


October 22


$20-30 per person

Garden Shop Hours*:

Saturday, October 15


Saturday, October 22


*Hours subject to change

Bulbs Planting 101

As part of our ongoing efforts to introduce people to different aspects of gardening, and flowers, we are hosting a Bulb planting class on Saturday, October 22 at 9:00am. This class will teach you how to plant bulbs, whether you are a home gardener, want to plant in containers, or even try your hand at growing flowers on a larger scale. Garden classes are held outdoors, rain or shine. Cost is $20-30 per person, depending on if you want to add bulbs to take home for planting to your experience. As always, participation in our on site classes includes exclusive access to our Garden spaces. 

Ticket link is here:


The Garden Shop

The Garden Shop will be open Saturday, October 15 and Saturday, October 22. We will have bulbs in the shop, arriving sometime mid-October, as well as peony roots from our field, for sale. This will be a Fall/Halloween/Holiday inspired event, with all of our fun seasonal items out, along with helping you get your gardens ready for Fall planting. I personally love the porcelain pumpkin collection we have, and put them out as decor October through Thanksgiving. 

We will have some peony roots (bare root) available for planting, that are freshly dug from our own fields. These roots have been in the ground for years, and will be fairly large, so plan accordingly. They will be a lovely addition to your spring garden if planted this fall. 

Our tulip bulbs will be arriving mid-October, and be available in the shop - don’t forget, when they arrive is the right time to plant them. Not January-March when you remember you didn’t come get them…

Tulip Varieties Available 2022:

Akebono, Apricot Parrot, Black Hero, Black Parrot, Blue Parrot, Charming Beauty, Foxy Foxtrot, Green Wave, La Belle Epoque, Rococo, Sensual Touch

Consider our Burgon and Ball bulb planting tools, available exclusively at our shop. We carry this durable and beautiful line of English garden tools endorsed by the RHS, most of which are guaranteed for life. We use them in our own gardening practices, and can vouch for their ability to get the job done! Plus, shovels come in a variety of heights which is an accommodation you don’t always find in a hardware store. We have terrific spades, and even a long handled bulb planter with a step mechanism to help make insertion into soil easier


Garden Tasks

  • Plant NOW! Best time to plant trees and shrubs is in the Fall.
  • Plant Spring flowering bulbs - NOW!
  • Dig up and relocate (Divide if necessary) plants
  • Plan for winter interest in the garden
  • Prune Berry bushes
  • Cut back roses for winter 
  • Cut back herbaceous peonies
  • Dig dahlias after first hard frost to winter store
  • Store alocasia and other tropical bulbs (calla, caladium) for the winter
  • Plant Cool Annuals (hardy annuals)
  • Clean up garden beds, and cover with winter mulch (we use compost & leaves)
  • Store cold-sensitive pots away to protect from cracking/breaking
  • Weed

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Events


  • International Coffee Day & National Homemade Cookie day: October 1
  • World Farm Animals Day: October 2
  • Oktoberfest: October 3
  • National Kale Day October 5
  • Indigenous People Day: October 10
  • Old Farmer’s Day: October 12
  • Make a Difference Day: October 22
  • Howl at the Moon Night: October 25
  • Black Cat Day: October 27
  • National Cat Day: October 29
  • Carve a Pumpkin Day/Halloween: October 31
  • Garden Shop Open: October 15, 2022
  • Garden Shop Open: October 22, 2022
  • Bulb Planting 101 October 22, 2022
  • Tentative Winter Dinner - TBA
  • Proper Pruning Techniques - Winter 2023
  • Very Special Workshops planned for 2023
Black Cat

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