Winter birds

The Garden Journal


The Winter Garden

January 2022

The Winter Garden has its own special beauty, allowing you to see the shape and form of deciduous trees, creating architecture that is unique to this time of year. Evergreens really shine, as there is little competition from other (dormant) plants, and watching a garden awaken after a winter sleep is one the most beautiful sights to witness, as buds swell and unfurl petals, and tips start popping out of the ground. Pretty soon, it will be spring, and the onslaught of garden tasks begins anew, so I hope that you, like me, are finding rest and beauty in this season of quiet, and appreciate the changes of nature, however slow they may come. We cannot rush beauty, but we are so lucky to be a spectator as Mother Nature has a rhythm all her own. In the meantime, enjoy your Hellebores, Snowdrops and Bergenia, for this is when they truly bloom. And remember: when the forsythia blooms, spring has truly arrived!

Garden Tasks

  • Finish cutting back any perennials you missed, unless leaving them for the birds.
  • Prune old leaves from hellebores.
  • Sow Hardy Annuals.
  • Start Seeds indoors.
  • Clean and sharpen garden tools.
  • Stay on top of weeds.
  • Order seeds.
  • Winter Tree & Shrub Pruning.
  • Divide perennials.
  • Take a look at your garden and make note of any holes.
  • Rest, Rejuvenate, Read: Spring is Coming!

Stay Tuned for Upcoming events

  • NW Flower & Garden Show - Feb 9-13
  • Dahlia Sale Online - March 1
  • Last Spring Frost Projected - April 5
  • Easter - April 17
  • Plant Dahlias! Shoot for April 15 - May 1
  • Mother’s Day Event - Details coming (May 8)
  • Peony Sip & Stroll - Dates TBD 
  • Spring Plant Sale
  • Farm to Table Dinner will be back in 2022!
  • Classes & Workshops will be announced via the website, with sign-ups there, along with Garden Shop hours.