Monstera deliciosa: Houseplant


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Also know as the Swiss cheese plant, Monstera is an evergreen, tropical shrub/vine, with large leaves, and aerial roots.

Monstera thrives in bright to medium indirect light, and may suffer if placed in intense sun or near a window with direct light, as the window will amplify heat and may cause burning to your leaves.

Water every 1-2 weeks, allowing the soil to dry out completely in between watering.

Humidity is preferred. Water mist aerial roots, or place your pot in a ceramic container with pebbles and a shallow amount of water, below or just to the top of the rock line. Do not bury the bottom of your pot in water, as this can saturate the soil in the pot and cause rot.

Plants are local pick-up only.

Laughing Goat Flower Farm is a licensed nursery in the state of Washington.


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