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A selection of tubers grown at Laughing Goat Flower Farm in a softer tonal palette that is complimentary in color and textures. This set will look terrific grouped together both in your garden and in the vase.

1 Tuber of each variety to include (from left to right)

Cafe au Lait

Peaches ‘n Cream

Apple Blossom

Cafe au Lait is a dinner plate dahlia, which will need a trellis, netting or staking in your garden. *Cafe au Lait will grow flowers from pink to cream, and every tone in between. We cannot guarantee that your tuber will grow one specific color as it impossible for us to predict that, and growing conditions may impact the size and coloration of this particular dahlia.

Peaches will need additional support.

Apple Blossom prefers staking to protect the long stems from breaking off the plant.

This collection is 1 tuber of each variety, no substitutions will be made for the Dahlia Collections.

Planting Information:

Plant out after the last frost for your zone. Site in full sun, in well-draining soil rich in organic matter. Dahlias grow well when planted with bone meal. Space dahlias 12-24″, depending on the size of your dahlia. Poms and ball 12″, rest 12-24″. Watering is not necessary until after the sprout has pushed through the soil and is visible.

Days to Maturity:


Flower Window:

July – November (PNW)

Harvest Info:

Pinch dahlia plants after first two sets of true leaves emerge for more branching plants. Cut dahlia stem down to just above a set of leaves. Plant will flower again from the cut point.

Dahlias last 5-7 days in the vase.

Laughing Goat Flower Farm® dahlias are grown chemical-free, in the fertile soil of the Enumclaw plateau. We use organic compost, bone meal, and Sluggo for early season slug management. We have built up our collection of dahlia varieties to be ideal for landscapes or cutting gardens, and are proud to offer disease-free stock.

We are not a large enough farm to offer wholesale to other growers. We appreciate you supporting our hard-work and efforts by purchasing retail from us.

*We don’t offer refunds on dahlia tuber stock, as we hand select and thoroughly examine each tuber for health and viability before it leaves the farm. Once in your hands, we have no control over your storage, environment or your growing conditions. We will send a sheet of growing culture information to help you with best practices for dahlias.


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