Peonies Bare Roots


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Peony Bare Roots

Peonies are one of the most spectacular late spring-early summer flowers in the garden, and really wow with their dazzling display. With so many beautiful forms, and colors they are truly a welcome addition to any garden.

Peonies are best when planted in the fall. We plant the eyes 1” below the soil surface here in the PNW, please consult your area for best planting practices as they may differ depending on zone. Peonies do take 3-5 years to reach full maturity, and some may not bloom their first year. Plant your peonies in full sun, in well-draining soil. Planting into well-amended soil that is rich will get them started on the best foot. You want your peony plant to be happy for many years to come, as they can live 50-100 years, or more, when well taken care of!

We amend our soils with Triple Super Phosphate, Azomite, and use a high-quality starter fertilizer at planting time.

Peonies are considered drought tolerant once well-established, though do need regular watering their first year cycle.

***Please note: All Peony roots are final sale, due to the nature of a living plant that once out of our hands, we have no control over storage, planting or growing conditions. Thank you for understanding.

We have 11 varieties to choose from:

Garden Treasure, Itoh, Semi-Double, Yellow, Mid-Season, 30″

First Arrival, Itoh, Semi-Double, Lavender-Pink, Mid-Season, 28”

La Perle, Lactiflora, Double, fragrant, Light old-rose guards, darker center, Mid-Season, 33”

Lois Choice, Lactiflora, Double, Tricolor: Coral, Peach, Pink, Early

Mother’s Choice, Lactiflora, Fully Double, Creamy White-Blush, Late, 34”

Mrs. Frank Beach, Lactiflora, Double, Fragrant, Creamy White, Late, 33”

My Love, Lactiflora, Fully Double, Fragrant, Pearl White, Blush, Midseason, 34”

Myrtle Gentry, Lactiflora, Fully Double, Rose-Shape, Fragrant, Pearl White, Late

Old Faithful, Lactiflora, Double, Dark Velvet Red, Late, 36”

Shirley Temple, Lactiflora, Double, Fragrant, Blush fades to White, Midseason, 34”

Walter Faxon, Lactiflora, Semi-Double, Rose like, Fragrant, Shell Pink, Midseason, 32”


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Garden Treasure, First Arrival, La Perle, Lois Choice, Mother’s Choice, Mrs. Frank Beach, My Love, Myrtle Gentry, Old Faithful, Shirley Temple, Walter Faxon


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