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Our stainless steel long-handled planter is endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society, perhaps the ultimate accolade in the gardening world.

This bulb planter makes the task of planting bulbs so much easier, especially if you’re keen to make a springtime splash, and have lots of bulbs to plant. Used standing up, this invaluable garden tool minimises the effort required and is ideal for naturalising bulbs in grass or lawn.

Simply press the bulb planter into the soil to the required depth, using the foot bar to drive deep. Use the handles to twist the planter, removing a plug of soil, and pop the bulb into the hole (pointed end upwards!). Move on to make the next hole, and by doing this the plug of soil from the first hole is pushed from the planter. Take this first plug and pop it back in its original hole, on top of your bulb. And repeat!

The unique sharpened, angled blade allows significantly easier soil entry, while the cutaway tube makes for the easy release of the soil plug. The tough foot-bar lets the user apply the necessary force in challenging ground.

The stainless steel of the bulb planter is highly resistant to rust and will stay bright and beautiful for years to come, while the FSC®-certified handle with its robust T-handle gives strength without weight.

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